Warm Glass Patterns

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Snowflake Pattern
Snowflake Pattern

Snowflake Pattern Cutouts

Cut out strips of glass that are 1.5" high, going across the glass's texture. Then measure off a base of 3/4" across the strip, and 3/8" across the top to do the first line, and then repeat across the length of the strip. You will need 6 triangles per snowflake. We recommend using Uroboros System 96 Fracture/Streamers glass, but you can anything you want. We can get up to 12 stars using these sized triangles on a 12" circular kiln shelf.

Snowflake Base & Top Layers

The Red triangle is the base layer, assemble it first. Then carefully place the 3 remaining pieces of the Blue triangle, on top of the Red triangle pieces.

Snowflake Finished Pattern

The Blue triangle pieces will not be parallel to the kiln shelf, but up at an angle, with the tip touching the kiln shelf and the base up in the air above the Red triangle pieces.

Firing Program:
We typically fired the snowflakes up to anywhere between 1300 to 1370 degrees, depending on the look desired.

To alter the size of the snowflakes, you can either cut a wider or narrower strip, or do the same to the base size.

To finish, cut a length of ribbon and loop it through the hole in the middle, and then tie a knot at one end. It makes a lovely Christmas tree decoration.